The Good News Newspaper Cover Story

July 20, 2021

Lifework Leadership Enters Its 15th Year Transforming Leaders Who Transform Cities

The vision of Lifework Leadership is simple. Develop Christian business leaders with a clear understanding of their calling, connect them through dynamic relationships with other Christian influencers and captivate them with a desire to utilize their God-given influence for the good of the city. After 15 years applying this model in South Florida, Lifework Leadership has impacted the corporate culture of area businesses, filled the board rooms of local charities and resulted in an uncommon spirit of generosity and service in the region.

Ginger Martin, chief executive officer of American National Bank, exclaims, “Climb higher!  That’s my motto. I want to climb higher and I want to take other people with me. That’s why I am involved in Lifework Leadership as an alum, as a coach and as a sponsor because I think Lifework is doing that,” explained Ginger Martin.

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